Studio Lotus

Tradeshow - & Shopbuilding (P.O.P.)

  • Conception (creativworkshop, design- & functional-concept)
  • Organisation, planning, 3D-rendering
  • Research, coordination of the structual measures, budgeting
  • creation of production drawings
  • Production & building
  • Management (Project- & mercantile handling, coordination & technical supervision,
  • tradeshow announcements, coodination of all partners)
  • Controlling
  • Logistics , maintenance & storing


  • Conception
  • Organisation, planning
  • Research, locationscouting, coordination of the structural measures, budgeting
  • creation of production- & timeschedules
  • Production & building
  • Management (Project- & mercantile handling, coordination & technical supervision, coodination of all partners)
  • Production & realisation (on-event)
  • Controlling

Service in detail: furniture & accessories, AV Technique, catering, staff, moderation, showproduktion
Booking: models artists, bands, DJ/VJ.
Communication tasks: graphikproduction (invitations, menücards, decoration, guidance systems, a.s.o.), text, produktion, PR, mediaplanning.

Corporate Identity

In the range of Corporate Design

  • Creation of concept, based on the intended brandawareness/-philosophy and the products/service regarding the targetgroups
  • Creation of logo, font, colourconcept & concept of form
  • Creation of the style guide
  • Creation of business stationary

Online Media

  • Workshop/needs assessment: elaboration of use cases, priorisation of the information-architecture, planning/definition of processes (e.g. editorial sector, processes, merchandise management)
  • Conception/creation, structure & function (also Usabilty): creation of structure, of contenttypes and (static) wireframes, definition of technical parameters (e.g. targetplatforms)
  • Budgeting
  • Screendesign & creation of Content: basic creationconcept, elaboration of the site frame, of important sites (e.g. Landingpages, Micropages) and of elements & contenttypes
  • Programming/appliance of systems (freeware or licensed)
  • Creation of frontend: realization of the creative concept (theming), adjustment/implementation of systems (freeware or licenced), generating of content and release, adjustment of plugins/modules
  • Creation of gateways/interfaces to other systems (e.g. CRM-systems), development of extra modules, import of data, implementation of pay systems (e.g. paypal, credit cards…) •Procuration of hosting
  • support

3D development

  • Workshop/takeover of data
  • Budgeting
  • Conception: creation of creative concept, storyboards & scenes
  • Modelling: creation of the 3D-objects as wireframes
  • Texturing of the 3D-objects
  • Mapping (2D-graphicdesign)
  • Light setting & camerasetting
  • Rendering in motion or as stills